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Advice: Know the morphology of your feet well to put on better shoes!

by Jefferson SEBBAN 23 Dec 2020

Buying a pair of shoes without being able to try it on means taking the risk of ending up with a model that is not adapted to the size, width or morphology of your foot.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, Grande et Jolie reviews the different criteria that can help you know your feet to find models adapted to your morphology!

How do I know my shoe size?

Let's start with the simplest and most common measure in France: the shoe size. It is calculated according to the length of your foot and this measurement is almost universal for all distributors in France.

You may notice a slight discrepancy between certain brands, which is why it is important to refer to the size guide provided by the brand to be sure not to be mistaken. Here is a classic French size guide:


The majority of businesses specializing in the sale of shoes have a measuring tool called a pedometer. Do not hesitate to take your size during a visit to the store to know your size more easily. You can also find pedometer models to print on the internet: click here to download the Grande et Jolie pedometer.

How do I convert my shoe size?

In England as in the United States, sizes are not calculated in the same way. The major sneaker brands often use the English or American equivalence for their models (Nike, Converse, Vans, etc.). To know the size equivalences, you can refer to this FR-UK-US conversion table:


How do I know my foot width?

Not insignificant criterion in the choice of a shoe model: the width of your foot. More and more manufacturers are diversifying their offers by offering models for wide feet (“Wide fit” in English) which provide more comfort for the “strongest” feet. If the so-called "classic" models compress your foot or your ankle, remember to measure the width of your foot and adapt your buying habits accordingly. To take the correct measurement, place your foot flat on the ground and go around your foot with a tape measure on the widest part (see diagram). Then refer to the size guide below.

You can now sort the models offered on our online store by width using the "Comfort" filter (Width G and H available).

Foot width - Tall and Pretty


How do I know the morphology of my foot?

Another factor that can be decisive in choosing a model: the morphology of your foot. To know the morphology or typology of your foot, you have to focus on the toes.

Foot Shapes - Big and Pretty

Some trends might be uncomfortable to wear for certain typologies. Ex: square feet could be cramped in pointy toe models. Good information to know during your next shopping spree!

Sole or not?

You will find on the market and in supermarkets different types of soles which make it possible to reduce the size of a model by a few centimeters, to absorb humidity and perspiration or even to absorb shocks or to keep your feet in hot. Please note that these “comfort” insoles should not be confused with orthopedic or medical insoles.

If you experience discomfort in your pairs of shoes despite taking into account the criteria listed in this article, we advise you to make an appointment with a specialist (podiatrist) who can analyze your situation and advise you on appropriate solutions.

Find out more about Grande et Jolie

The Grande et Jolie store brings together many brands of women's shoes that offer models suitable for large sizes. We work daily to develop our range to offer you many trendy, comfortable models suitable for everyone.

Find us in our physical store located at 158 ​​Boulevard Magenta (Paris 10th), in our secondary store at 58 Rue Meslay (Paris 3rd) or on our e-shop which guarantees delivery within 48 hours and free returns within 14 days in any France.

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